Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Politico wants a shovel


Ginger Gibson of Politico contacted me via Facebook looking for background on Herman Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block. She wrote,

I’m a reporter at Politico and am working on a story about Mark Block. I know that you were involved in politics together in Wisconsin. I was hoping to talk to you and get to know a little more about Mark. If you would be available, you can get me via Facebook, my email is (redacted) or by phone at (redacted). I really look forward to speaking with you. Thank you in advance.

I replied:

Hi Ginger, for the record:

Mark Block is a very capable and knowledgeable political consultant and, as far as I know, was a very capable leader of Americans for Prosperity in Wisconsin. I wish him well with the Herman Cain campaign and I look forward to seeing him again when the presidential primary campaigns turn their attention to Wisconsin. In the meantime, I hope he remembers to send me a postcard from the campaign trail from time to time.

Probably not the answer she wanted but I don’t know what kind of cigarettes Block smokes.

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