Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Predictions for Tuesday’s election


Hey, I already voted. Right now, Waukesha County has Justice David Prosser up by at least two votes. It can only go up from there, right?

Prosser v. Kloppenburg

I bet Prosser’s team is wishing they didn’t take the public campaign financing now. Prosser’s campaign would have gazillions of donations from around the country right now. Instead, they’re relegated to the sidelines in their own race. Funny how that works.

In the meantime, Wisconsin’s liberals are running a former palace intern of Barbara Crabb’s that likes to prosecute people for things like opening a restaurant near a lake. Maybe if they offered a speared fish and Indian casino excursion special.

A long, long time ago, Walt Kelly ran a spirited campaign against Justice Jon Wilcox. Doom and gloom spread across the conservative landscape, but Wilcox won every county. (My own small part in that is vastly overstated.)

Since then, the trend has been for electing conservative court justices. Crooks won because everyone thought he was a conservative. The flawed Annette Ziegler won against a Madison liberal. The flawed campaign of Mike Gableman even unseated an incumbent because Louis Butler was too liberal.

I think that Prosser will pull it out. But that presupposes the election follows the trend. I’ll say Prosser 52% to Joanne Kloppenburg’s 47%.

The good news is that it’s only one year.

Chris Abele is going to beat State Representative Jeff Stone. It’s not going to be pretty.

Abele is a personal train wreck, one whose personal life would normally signal the end of a political career instead of the beginning.

However, we need to remember the extraordinary circumstances that allowed Scott Walker to become County Executive. Walker won because of the Ament pension scandal in a special election.

Stone, on the other hand, has the misfortune of running during a normal election (despite the special nature of the particular election) under the relatively normal circumstances of being a Republican running in Milwaukee County. Stone has done nothing to change that paradigm.

He’s going to get creamed.

I am a writer living in Waukesha. Small comfort for my friends in Milwaukee County, but Abele is going to supply me with lots of material in the next year.

Carter country.

Judge Kathleen Stilling was appointed by former Governor Jim Doyle. Before that, she defended sexual predators. The world will be upside down if she somehow manages to hang on against prosecutor Lloyd Carter. We’ll send the sexual predators to live with Stilling’s friend Cindy Kilkenny.

It’s the 1970s Mustache, right?

Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin will make a triumphant return. Maybe the streets will actually get plowed in the Winter.

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