Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Prepare to be adjusted


The MacIver Institute discovered the state budget is seriously out of whack and warns that a budget adjustment may be coming. Given that both houses of the legislature are controlled by the Democrats, and we still have a Democratic governor, it’s unlikely they will be cutting spending.

In an exclusive interview with the MacIver Institute in early December, Senate President Fred Risser admitted one of the challenges in 2010 will be adjusting the state budget to match the state’s financial situation.

“We’re in real trouble fiscally. We’re still using mirrors a little bit to balance the budget, and we’re going to have to find new revenues, I think, or substantially cut back on the services that we now provide,” Risser said. “If the purpose of government is to help those people that need help, we’re going to have to find the revenues to do it.”

All of these developments raise the question as to whether a Budget Adjustment Bill will be necessary to address Wisconsin’s fiscal woes.

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