Friday, November 24th, 2017

Priebus picks up important endorsement for RNC chair


RPW Chairman Reince Priebus continues to attract support for his bid for RNC Chairman.

Former New Jersey committeman David Norcross, something of a ringleader within the RNC’s anti-Steele crowd, co-authored a message Tuesday to the committee’s 168 members endorsing Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus. The message was co-signed by former Wisconsin committeeman Michael Grebe.

Norcross and Grebe heaped praise on Priebus for his work electing Republicans in Wisconsin and said he proved his mettle nationally while serving as RNC General Counsel under Steele.

“Reince ran one of the best ground operations in the country,” they wrote in the email, obtained by CNN. “He stayed true to a conservative message, handled media professionally and raised a great deal of money. Most importantly, Reince is a conservative who gives everything that he does 110%. The RNC needs a Chairman who is dedicated to that principle.”

Both men are former RNC general counsels, a position Priebus held until he resigned earlier this month to run for chairman at the urging of a cadre of Steele allies and enemies.

The endorsement is significant because the crop of RNC candidates will be jockeying over the next four weeks to prove themselves as the most viable alternative to Steele, who controls roughly 30-40 votes on the committee. The election, to be held in mid-January, will likely be decided on multiple rounds of balloting.

Norcross’ voice carries significant weight among the hard line Steele opponents, and his endorsement should help cement Priebus’ stature as the frontrunner to take over the reigns of the committee from Steele. Priebus has already lined up support from several key Steele allies.

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