Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Professor tries to shield UW-Madison pizza protestors from the consequences


Kids these days. First they break the rules, then they don’t want to pay the consequences. Then they have members of the sociology department try to shield them. In Madison, student protestors took over the chancellor’s office and now they face disciplinary action. At RightWisconsin (subscription required), I wrote about the effort of one member of the faculty senate who thinks protestors should be given a free pass because of their “positive and constructive role” on campus.

By all means, let’s not punish the little darlings. Instead, let’s celebrate their “positive and constructive” roles on campus. In fact, let’s abolish the student code of conduct entirely lest any of the campus youth feel “suppressed” by the consequences of their actions.

Of course, the protesters would be even more “positive and constructive” if they took the time away from their protests to actually work to pay off the heavy student loans we keep hearing about.

By the way, how pathetic is it that UW-Madison, leftwing protest central, is more willing to crack down on disruptive protestors and defend Pqlermo’s Pizza than UW-Milwaukee which is based in the same city as the pizza manufacturer?

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