Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Project Runway Episode 10 in review


An interesting night in the Wigderson Household as James and I gather to watch our weekly show – Project Runway. This week the designers are designing a black and white cocktail dress. They must use all the fabric that they purchase at Mood. In addition, Heidi Klum has added the last two designers that were eliminated back to compete and there will be three designers eliminated on the runway tonite.

I absolutely loved Laura’s dress( above) and Michael’s (of course). Uli was Uli as usually. Jeffrey was crazy and looked kind of slutty to me with the leather leggings. Angela, Vincent and Kayne are out this time. Their dresses were not very fashionable.

The four remaining designers Laura, Michael, Jeffrey and Uli are on their way to Final Four. There is not a new episode next week. I just dont know how I am going to make it. See you all on the next new episode. Until then…..

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