Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Project Runway Episode 9 in review


The group is designing a coutoure this week – emphasizing hand detailing and wonderful fabrics. The runway team is in Paris to start out and finish in New York.

Michael is my personal favorite to win the whole contest but he did not fair well this week as he struggled with the hand detailing on his gown. Kayne was just Kayne. Uli designed a beautiful gown but very much current to today. Laura’s gown reminded me of a poodle.

Jeffrey was the winner-I know where the judges were coming from. His look is fresh and new but GOD! Not my style at all. Quite frankly, I preferred Uli’s Dress to Jeffrey’s.

Vincent is out-He was a weirdo anyway and it was about time he was aufed! I included the photos of the winning and losing gowns. Jeffrey’s winning gown on your left and Vincent’s losing gown on the right. Until next week!!

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