Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Project Runway update


“You’re either in, or you’re out.” Looking at what Heidi Klum wore on last night’s show, I think Michael Kors would’ve voted her out. And I think the episode was filmed right before the baby popped out, too.

But let’s get to the competition, shall we? The challenge this week was to visit the flower market for the materials to make a dress fit for a garden party. The challenge was made more difficult by the limited budget the designers were given. Does anyone have any concept how much flowers cost these days? Apparently the producers didn’t, and the designers all went with greens, prompting Michael Kors to joke, “Green is the new black.”

I can’t imagine why they let Andrae go. Well, I can in one sense, and it is what the judges criticize Santino for: making “art” without thinking of the woman wearing it. Andrae’s vision was certainly fulfilled by his creation, a topiary Audrey Hepburn. However, it didn’t fit his model well, and he suffered for it. it also looked too plain. He ended up making a costume instead of a dress and he’s been “Auf Wiedersehen’ed” right off the show.

Daniel won, though to me the flowers looked like a last minute addition rather than the essential part of his dress. However, the weaving at the waistline was the attention to detail and presentation that the judges love. I didn’t get it.

Chloe, for all the trouble she had gluing down the individual plant petals, seemed to accomplish what I think the competition was all about: overcoming the limits of the material to make something of it. She was the clear winner in my opinion.

Kara, how does she survive? Her dress did not look finished to me, and both my wife and I saw parts of it fall off right in front of Michael Kors. The judges loved the “texture” of the dress. That texture just shed on the runway. How does she survive?

Nick, Nick, Nick. I’m surprised he made it. I think he would be happier if he didn’t. He’s ready to “auf wiedersehen” it whether the judges vote him out or not. Get over the fact you lost your favorite model and create. If he spent more time thinking of his creation rather than complaining about the challenge and what Tim Gunn said and his model being taken away from him and yadda, yadda, yadda, maybe he would have designed something better than that broadleaf gladiator costume he created.

Finally, Santino. They’re gunning for him now. I thought his creation showed creativity and style. The flaw to me wasn’t the “artificialness” of the look, but that it was more garden then garden party.

We finally got to see Santino’s impression of Tim Gunn, but the Tim Gunn impressions have been available to the fans of the show for awhile on the show’s website. Santino is hilarious, though I suspect that his impressions are a bit “rude and crude” even for cable television. But I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody picks up Santino for a different television show, given his personality and charisma.

There are five designers left, once again problematic for a show that is supposed to climax with the final competition between three designers at Olympus Fashion Week. Olympus Fashion Week starts tomorrow, and there is only one episode left before the fashion week appearance by the three designers. Either two go hom next week, or once again they’ll ask the fourth place finisher to also submit a clothing line for the competition. Bad calendar planning if you ask me.

By the way, I peeked and the Olympus Fashion Week website doesn’t say who the Project Runway designers are.

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