Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Proposed new state assembly districts in Waukesha area promise lots of fireworks


The Republican redistricting plan for the legislature is out, and there’s some rather interesting changes in the State Assembly. Let’s start in the Waukesha area.

Republican Don Pridemore will no longer be representing any part of Waukesha County. He moves from the 98th Assembly District to the 59th Assembly District. He will be in the same district as Republican Daniel LeMahieu. Pridemore will be moving into a district that will be largely new territory for him.

Correction: Pridemore will be in the 22nd Assembly District. See update 2 below.

Republican Chris Kapenga moves into the 99th Assembly District, which seems to move North and West from his old 33rd Assembly District.

Republican Bill Kramer’s district will move to the south and west. No longer will he have to bear the brunt of representing all of the city of Waukesha, the source of the Democratic votes in Waukesha County. North of East Main Street south (east) of the Fox River and north of Highway 18 north (west) of the Fox River is the northern boundary. To the southwest Kramer adds Genesee Depot and Saylesville to the district.

Democrat Fred Kessler, a self-professed expert on redistricting, is about to get a lesson in the art. The Milwaukee resident will represent just a tiny sliver of Milwaukee. Then the district runs through Menomonee Falls, Colgate, curves around Sussex to the south, then north and west into Washington County until you get to Druid Lake. Kessler’s assembly career just ended up on the endangered list.The line to challenge him will be pretty long.

Joining Kessler in unfamiliar territory is Democratic State Representative David Cullen, who narrowly avoided a primary with Jason Fields in the new 17th Assembly District. Instead he finds himself in the 14th Assembly district that runs out into the northern part of Waukesha County all the way to Springdale Road. The southern end runs through Wauwatosa along State Street, up to North Avenue until it gets around Brookfield Central High School where it roughly includes the subdivisions along Gebhardt. I’m sure Republican State Representative Dale Kooyenga will be happy to show his new constituent around.

Assembly district 13 looks like it will be an open seat. The good news for Democrats is that I imagine Republicans will be killing each other to win it (but they will win it).

Republican Mike Kuglitsch remains in the 84th Assembly District. However, the northern edge of his district is Coffee Road, and he loses Hales Corners but picks up Greenfield. This is to make room for West Allis Democrat Tony Staskunas in district 15 who also just joined the endangered species list. Staskunas gets the northern half of New Berlin. The good news for Staskunas is that New Berlin’s reputation for being a political snake pit is probably overrated. A little. Maybe.

Update! Contrary to a couple of comments, unless the official address for Don Pridemore is wrong, he will be in the 59th Assembly District.

Here’s another look:

Update 2! According to the Google Map and Pridemore staff, he lives south of the dividing line and the Legislative Reference Bureau’s map program is wrong.

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