Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Prosser twitter titter


There were a few Twitter tweets and titters about my criticism of David Prosser back in 2008, “Would you trust your kid to David Prosser?
While not on the level of collusion between Milwaukee District Attorney McCann and Archbishop Rembert Weakland, certainly Prosser had a responsibility to follow up on this case, to examine if there were any more allegations regarding the priest, and to make sure this priest never was allowed near children again. He claims he believed the children. Then he owed them more than just talking to the parish. If not as a prosecutor, then as a human being.

This even attracted the attention of former Russ Feingold flak Jud Lounsbury.

Now, I’m flattered that someone would remember what I wrote back in 2008. It’s pretty impressive considering I write a minimum of 1500 words per week, and often triple that.

What jogged the memory was this posting with the title, “The class and character of JoAnne Kloppenburg.”

So is there a contradiction? Am I guilty of flip-flopping?


Clearly the second post, title and all, is a comment on Kloppenburg’s refusal to condemn the ad attacking Prosser when the victim of the crime has made it clear that he does not want his case to be used by Kloppenburg supporters, and that he feels he is being victimized again by then. The points are not mutually exclusive.

That said, would I re-write what I wrote two years ago knowing what I know now? Probably. After all, we now know that Prosser did assist later with the prosecution when more evidence of abuse by the priest became known. I think, upon reflection, that given how little was known about the cases of sexual abuse by some priests in the Catholic Church that Prosser would have had good reason to trust the Church at that time to remove the priest from ministry, and that Prosser had reason to believe that was the best possible outcome given the unlikelihood of a successful prosecution.

(I know it’s hard for some of the political opportunists on the political left to believe, but there are probably a few blog posts that I would re-write knowing what I know now. But if they are willing to read every blog post as received wisdom, well, my blog posts are better than most of the garbage the liberals can read in Wisconsin’s liberal blogs these days. There is a definite dearth of talent on that side of the political divide.)

I would also add that if Kloppenburg wins election, there is more than a reasonable probability that she will join the liberal wing of the court, and could even be a vote to overturn Wisconsin’s sexual predator law that allows for continuing the confinement of sexual predators after their terms in prison end if they are perceived to be a continued threat to society.

So for all of the complaining about one prosecutorial decision by Prosser from thirty years ago, let me ask the question again. Would you entrust your child’s safety to a court decision by Justice David Prosser or Madison liberal attorney Joanne Kloppenburg?

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