Friday, November 24th, 2017

Protecting the Doyle bubble


Michael Horne took a closer look at the absurdity surrounding the staged event with the Governor and Milwaukee Mayor. When some members of the police union showed up, they were turned away because the room was too small for the crowd.

In the midst of all of this politics, nine union members, carrying the signs (“No More Cop Killers on Streets”) were turned away from the closed-door meeting in the mayor’s office by a member of the governor’s staff who said there was only room for the dignitaries, including Chief Nannette Hegerty, and the media. That probably would be enough to fill up the mayor’s office.

“Why not hold the event in the larger reception area?” the police asked.

“Because it’s not safe.”

“Of course it’s not safe, you’re in the city of Milwaukee,” the cops responded.

“We don’t have the proper security detail.”

The fact is the mayor and governor were both together Thursday in a crowd of 1,000 at the groundbreaking of the Harley-Davidson Museum held outdoors, and were plenty secure. The mayor has held many news conferences in the vestibule of his office at which members of the police union have appeared. The police hung around, and after the event challenged Barrett and Doyle. The two did not respond and walked stiffly away, smiling for the cameras, and missing an opportunity to say something to disarm the competition.

By the way, that $200,000 for extra police overtime? Horne reports that according to the Police Union’s Sebastian Raclaw, “That’s about two weeks’ worth of overtime.”

Oh yeah, that’ll be enough.

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