Monday, November 20th, 2017

Protesting the state fair


It isn’t just the protesting. It’s the mob-rule tactics of trying to destroy any event the governor is attending whether it is political or not. Here is the report from the MacIver Institute:

The MacIver News Service’s cameras were there when a throng of about 60 protesters disrupted the opening ceremonies of the Wisconsin State Fair, shouting down Governor Scott Walker during his brief speech. Walker was one of several dignitaries at the opening ceremony of the the fair, but the only one there who is under fire from Big Labor.

Sic semper tyrannis is the Latin phrase meaning “thus always to tyrants.” The phrase is commonly said to have originated with Brutus during the assassination of Julius Caesar. It was later shouted by John Wilkes Booth while assassinating President Abraham Lincoln.

The Wisconsin State Fair is known as one most family-friendly entertainment events every year. This year marks the 160th incarnation of the event. To show animals at the Fair, children must first become the champions in their county. Hundreds of exhibitors bring their livestock to the fair every year and there were kids in attendance Thursday to witness this stunt.

The protestors talk about “Wisconsin values” but it would be better if they respected “Wisconsin values.”

Do you think the one protestor was making a threat of assassination or is he just stupid? Or both? Perhaps he’s a racist who is opposed to school choice?

What’s next? Protesting the disabled? Been there, done that. I guess all that’s left for them is start protesting funerals.

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