Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Protestors encouraged in threatening behavior by One Wisconsin Now


State Representative Peggy Krusick (D-Milwaukee) dared to break with Democratic Party orthodoxy and support a color-blind standard for UW System scholarships for the disadvantaged. For this policy disagreement, already in line with the current policy, she needed a police escort out of the capitol because of deranged protestors

Meanwhile, members of her own party are openly calling for her removal from the party caucus. This was the same Democratic Caucus that was willing to welcome former State Representative Jeff Wood (I-Bloomer) even after his fifth arrest for driving under the influence and an arrest for possession of marijuana.

One Wisconsin Now continued the foam-at-the-mouth tirade on Twitter, mocking Krusick for asking for police protection.

“Krusick does believe being a leggie should be a factor considered in whether you get escorted police protection #useless #racist #asshole”

This is the state of leftwing politics in Wisconsin. Obscenities, harrassment, threats, and now they’re even mocking the personal safety of a member of the legislature.

Congratulations Democrats. You own the protestors, and One Wisconsin Now is your propaganda agent. If something happens to Krusick, you can turn yourselves in as accessories.

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