Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Public Service Commission study on global warming bill flawed


The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) is criticizing the Public Service Commission report on the global warming bill in the legislature, saying there is a serious flaw:

“As you can see, the results, using PSC’s own study numbers, indicate that the CEJA Sub proposal would increase electric rates between 6.4% and 12.5% above the status quo, depending on the assumption made for CO2 regulation costs,” MMAC warned. “This would be an improvement from the original proposed bill, in which rates would increase between 7.8% and 20.8%, but it would still be a significant increase above the status quo.”

MMAC’s revelation comes on the heels of continuing criticism that the Public Service Commission has become advocates for the legislation, rather than impartial, nonpartisan regulators.

“We are extremely concerned that these increased rate costs would have a dampening effect on the economy as electricity would cost more for everyone. Those concerns are heightened further in light of the current challenging economic climate,” said Steve Baas, MMAC’s director of Government Affairs in the letter to Plale.

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