Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Put me in for $5


Yay! Ralph Nader is running for president.

Ralph Nader announced on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he’ll run as a third-party, anti-corporate candidate for president this fall, which would be likely to drain votes from the Democratic nominee and provide a huge boon to Republicans.

Democrats say they will work behind the scenes — and use court challenges, if necessary — to try to thwart his access to ballots.

The longtime consumer activist said on “Meet the Press” that Washington has become “corporate occupied territory” and that none of the current presidential candidates are sufficiently addressing corporate crime, labor rights or Pentagon waste.

“In that context, I have decided to run for president,” he told host Tim Russert.

I can’t wait to see who he picks as his running mate. Ron Paul? Mike Gravel? Cindy Sheehan?

The immediate question for Democrats is whether they’ll be as ruthless as they were in 2004 in throwing procedural obstacles in the way of Nader’s access to the ballot in key states.

Nader has a pending lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee on the issue and recently told Politico that he would make ballot access a central cause of a presidential campaign, which he restated on television Sunday morning.

Boo! Let every vote count! Full ballot access for everyone! Full public financing for Nader! Run Ralph Run!

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