Monday, May 20th, 2019

Questions we want to ask


Now that the environmentalists have won and there will be no iron mine near Hurley, what do the environmentalists think trains and train tracks are made from? All mining is bad, they tell us, but do they think railroad tracks and sheet metal for train bodies come from the iron fairy? Maybe the iron fairy brings the steel needed to build hybrid cars, city buses, and trolleys, too.

 With Eric Hovde entering the race for US Senate, Democratic Spokesman Grame Zielinski has made it clear that his party is going to attack Hovde for his personal wealth. Do they realize the senate seat is currently held by Herb Kohl? Maybe Hovde should remind the voters that his personal wealth will insulate him from special interests by running on the slogan, “Nobodys senator but yours.”  I’m told it’s worked before.


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