Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Quick reaction to the Walker withdrawal


My first reaction is that the Mark Green supporters will be insufferable.

My second reaction is that this reminds me of something that happened last May:

State Senator Kanavas was interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio this afternoon to discuss the state Republican convention which took place this last weekend. Senator Kanavas talked about how the two candidates are very much alike and very close in philosophy.

Senator Kanavas sees little good that can come out of a long primary campaign, and said that he and others actually spoke to the two campaigns at the convention and suggested one of the candidates drop out well before the September 2006 primary in order to allow the winner to have the resources to campaign against the incumbent governor. Once it appears clear there will be a winner Kanavas feels the other candidate should drop out. Unfortunately the Senator was not asked who else was in on the conversation and what were the reactions of the two campaigns.

This would have been an extraordinary conversation for Republican leaders to have, especially in Wisconsin, and it’s too bad interviewer Ben Merens didn’t follow up on this. I suspect the two campaigns individually told the Senator, gee, that’s a nice thought, do you think the other guy will drop out?

From a personal point of view, it would have been nice if Scott had waited until Monday or Tuesday so I could have written my Waukesha Freeman column on the withdrawal. But then again, that’s the difference in timeliness of Blogs over newspapers.

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