Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Quote of the day


The always subtle Sara Conrad in her quiet, demure way of expressing herself, asks Governor Scott Walker to come to a decision on the proposed Kenosha casino:

Seriously….MAKE A DAMN DECISION. It’s an effing CASINO…not tearing down the damn Berlin Wall or figuring out how to disarm Iran. Nut up, Governor. You sure weren’t dosey doeing around when you took the unions to the cleaners. Back then you were all “eff you…I’m Scott Walker…watch THIS”….and that was with death threats and harassment to your family and daily protests at your doorstep. So what is it about this casino that has your undies in a bundle? You say you want it to benefit the entire state. What the frack does that even mean? Someone in Eau Claire don’t give two quacks about a casino in Kenosha. They probably don’t even know where Kenosha is. Perhaps you should flip a coin….or go see a tarot card reader. Whatever you do…..figure it out. Because at this point you’re just annoying the eff outta us….and you’re not doing ANYONE any favors. Including your buttbuddies, the Potawatomis…because hell if I’ll ever step foot in that place again.

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