Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Quote of the day


From the unhinged spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

Tell it Rick Gudex:

Republican Rick Gudex says his home was vandalized and this wasn’t the first time.

Gudex is running against Democratic incumbent Jessica King for state Senate.

In this Fond du Lac neighborhood, political signs are a common sight,especially at Gudex’s house.

However, on Friday Gudex’s signs were in his yard instead of on his fence, he says thanks to vandals.

Tthis is my property. My kids sleep upstairs. My wife is here. It’s a little uncomfortable and it’s a little too much,” Gudex told FOX 11.

And it’s not just the signs. Parts of his landscaping were knocked over and his American flag was turned upside down.

“My flag is up in honor of this country, and in honor of those who serve this country,” said Gudex.

This is not the first time Gudex’s house has been vandalized. Early on in his campaign, he found his garage and his son’s truck covered in eggs.

So, were those Democrats that have been harassing Gudex, were they the ones to whom Zielinski was referring? Or were these the Democrats that booed God at the Democratic National Convention. I’m sure Zielinski the Biblical prophet will explain in due course.

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