Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Races I would pay to watch


Bob Dohnal of the Wisconsin Conservative Digest commenting over at Boots and Sabers on a state-wide race I’d pay to see.

I’m sure that {political consultant} RJ {Johnson} is not worried about me. He is too busy trying to shore up the Gard race disaster. As for Tom reynolds, he would do quite well statewide as he has a very large following, as long as he would not pick RJ as his campaign manager. He has blown two US Senate races. Reynolds would do far better than the candidates we have at present. Can’t Graber even get cancdiates for office? His 0-12 record is even worse than Mike Shermans who got canned. The GOP should follow that lead.

Bob Dohnal, Publisher
Wisconsin Conservative Digest

Now setting aside from the remark about the “Gard disaster” (Dohnal is backing McCormick), the assertion that State Senator Tom Reynolds would “do quite well statewide” in a US Senate race is interesting, to say the least.

Okay, let’s see Dohnal put his money where his mouth is. We have a US Senate seat up for election this year. Let’s see Reynolds take on Herb Kohl. Dohnal’s unhappy because Graber can’t recruit a candidate? He thinks Reynolds would do quite well state-wide? C’mon Bob, show us how a few more yard signs can make the difference in a campaign.

This I gotta see.

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