Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Racine debates war in Iraq


Ever wonder how these things actually come up? Sometimes all it takes is one person to find the right damn fool in the city government for the city government to do something completely stupid.

Fortunately for Racine, the city council decided last night to postpone for two weeks the idea of putting on the ballot a referendum on the war in Iraq. It seems the armchair generals in Racine couldn’t decide between a gradual withdrawal and an immediate withdrawal. Among the voices of reason were Fred from Real Debate Wisconsin and Alderman Helding.

When the Racine Common Council meets in two weeks, if they decide to put this on the ballot, they will only have four days to get the wording of the referendum to the printer in time for the election. I suspect this is going to screw up a bunch of absentee ballots.

Of course, we already have had a nationwide referendum on the war in Iraq: The Presidential Election in 2004. But apparently we haven’t heard the military expertise of the Aldermen in Racine.

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