Monday, November 20th, 2017

Racine in the recall full moonbat fever


Aaron Rodriguez, writing a blog post for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, describes some of the get-out-the-vote efforts by Voces de la Frontera in Racine in the schools and in the neighborhoods. At one point, one of the leftists involved in the effort made such a disturbance at an apartment building the police were notified.

Allen Levie, an executive board member of Voces de la Frontera, was listed on a police report for causing a civil disturbance outside an apartment building in Racine on election day. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Allen Levie is the same Horlick High School teacher that turned his back on Congressman Paul Ryan as Ryan tried to hand him a humanitarian award at a family event. During the protests in Madison, he was also physically carried out of a State Finance Committee Hearing by State Troupers for causing a deliberate disturbance.

As the report goes, police were called to an apartment complex at 1820 Roosevelt Ave. because a Latino landowner, Gus Orozco, didn’t appreciate Levie trying to breach his building. According to the police report, Orozco saw Levie buzzing all eight doors from the building’s intercom system. Orozco told him that buzzing a single door would have been fine if he intended to speak with someone specific, but Orozco wouldn’t let him navigate the building door to door.

Levie lost his temper and began yelling about “the political right to have access to ever single person inside 1820 Roosevelt.” As the argument ensued, apartment resident Francis Edwards began arguing with a Serjio Anguiano, a canvaser – who according to open records – signed Waangaard’s recall petition. The police report described him as a “Democratic worker” who argued with Edwards over “the Democratic workers use of the doorbells.”

Apparently, Anguiano made several references about feeling comfortable in the neighborhood “because he grew up in a ghetto.” The police report said, “Edwards took offense to this statement, believing Anguiano was calling her and the neighborhood ‘Ghetto.’”

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