Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Radical ideas worth considering


Nothing small-c conservative about these suggestions, and they all deserve a fair hearing:

  1. Brian Hagedorn informs us State Representative Sheldon Wasserman introduced a bill last month to shrink the size of government by shrinking the number of counties in this state from 72 counties to 18.
  2. Dad29 asks why we can’t have school choice statewide “no holds barred.”
  3. Ragnar Mentaire suggested a couple of weeks ago a repeal of the state lottery. Well, that’s two of us in favor of the proposal.
  4. Dane County is considering dropping to 19 County Supervisors instead of 37.
  5. And Jessica McBride considers electing Doyle Brunson as our governor, at least according to Google. From one casino expert to another.
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