Monday, November 20th, 2017

Rally to the Waukesha Revolution


I gave my speech last night at the rally to reduce the Waukesha County Board. I admit it’s a set speech, stolen from the sentiments of Locke and Jefferson on the need to change the contract between the citizen and the government. On how Wisconsin is a laboratory of democracy, and how the entire state will be watching to see what happens in Waukesha.

I’m also available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

I was the second speaker of the evening. Jessica McBride, who doesn’t look a day over thirty-five, spoke first. She did a comparison of Waukesha with other counties of similar size around the country, and noted how big the infrastructure was to support County Government. Then I spoke, and then finally State Senator Ted Kanavas spoke about how the history of the bill got us to where we are today on the referendum issue, and how government needs to be reminded that it works for us.

State Representative Leah Vukmir was there to lend her support. She and I spoke before the event and she thanked me for being a strong supporter of school choice. Dennis Krueger was there, the man with the plan to succeed Paul Bucher as Waukesha County District Attorney (you’ll be hearing a lot more about him).

It was great seeing the Sam Kinison of blogging there, Chris of Spotted Horse. Also great to see Dean from Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative.

I believe Chris Kliesmet from CRG was also there to demonstrate his support.

Turnout was depressed by the weather, unfortunately, but I suspect we’ll be seeing more enthusiasm as this effort goes on.

Watch this blog for something Mrs. Wigderson (“Doreen from Waukesha”) and I are planning to help this cause.

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