Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Razorback pride


It’s this kind of enthusiasm that we see in Arkansas today that will help drive Democratic turnout in November:

“I feel like I just stabbed my country in the back,” said Pat Wallace of North Little Rock after voting at Halter’s precinct. “With fear and trembling, I voted for Blanche.”

“I don’t like this,” Wallace said. “I want to vote for someone. We just don’t have any leaders.”

Or, maybe not. (Thks: Geraghty)

A friend of mine and I discussed this race today. The one question that we both had was what Obama offered Halter to stay out of the race. Obviously wasn’t enough.

Another aspect of this race that occurred to us was the union-bashing by former President Bill Clinton to help Lincoln. Hillary needed those people two years ago. Does it help the Clinton cause to start bashing unions now?

Lincoln’s narrow victory tonight probably means Arkansas will go Republican in November. The Republican candidate is Representative John Boozman. With a name like that, shouldn’t he be a member of the Wisconsin state legislature?

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