Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Reaction to Joe Biden behaving like a jackass on national television


Tonight’s vice presidential debate was painful to watch. Not because of Congressman Paul Ryan’s performance. But because the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden behaved like a complete ass.

What was so funny, Joe? The dead bodies in Benghazi? Or the millions of unemployed in this country? Hey, Joe, did you hear the joke about the aborted child?

It reminded me of the protests in Madison, when Wisconsin’s left went completely bonkers and thought that occupying the state capitol and comparing Governor Scott Walker to Hitler was the way to win over the rest of Wisconsin. Does the left really think being rude and obnoxious is somehow “winning?”

Biden’s behavior was a cross between Al Gore’s debate performance in 2000 and Chris Matthews eating the wrong LSD tab. Okay, pat Joe on the back, he didn’t drool on live television. But is this what the left really wants?

On the other side was Ryan, who was debating like a typical Wisconsinite. You know, carefully explaining his points, waiting for his turn to speak, letting the moderator debate him and cut him off. It was frustrating for conservatives to watch because they wanted to see Paul Ryan suddenly turn into Chris Christie and (rhetorically, not literally) beat Biden to a pulp. Contrary to what Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee thinks, not all of Wisconsin was infected with “douche fever,” and some Wisconsinites are still as she described, “…the nicest, the calmest, the most non-shouty people you’ll ever meet.” Ryan is still almost like a Canadian, only without the desire for state-run health care.

But the good news is, behaving like a jackass and interrupting Ryan 82 times didn’t help Biden or President Barack Obama. CNN’s snap shot poll showed Ryan winning the debate 48%-44%. Too bad for Biden there won’t be a next time for him to take the debate far more seriously.

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