Friday, November 24th, 2017

Reaction to the Newcomer re-election announcement


Silent E is not too excited about Scott Newcomer seeking re-election in the 33rd Assembly District:

Scott has had a bunch of personal and financial issues that don’t sit to well with me. I completely understand that people can have these problems but they’re adding up over in the Newcomer camp and I tend to try to hold my elected officials to a higher standard. If people make the laws, they should be able to follow them. If people are in charge of how much my financial responsibility is to the state, then they should be responsible enough to handle their own finances.

I’m not exactly wild about the private lives and private finances of public officials becoming an issue unless there is some compelling reason.

I think the issue in the Newcomer case is whether the accumulation of personal scandal amounts to a larger concern for the voters in the district. The Journal Sentinel had the list:

In July, Newcomer reported to police that Keith Brouwer of Hartland had been going to Lake Country Pool and Spa stores, of which Newcomer is co-owner, and harassed employees and customers. Newcomer filed for divorce from his wife in August, and Brouwer accused Newcomer of having an affair with his wife last year.

Newcomer has other problems as well, according to court documents.

American Express Bank filed a lawsuit against Newcomer and Lake Country Pools LLC, claiming the business has $35,015 in unpaid credit card bills.

Also, the state Department of Revenue has filed seven tax warrants against the business for delinquent taxes totaling more than $31,000. Newcomer has said he is not affiliated with Lake Country Pools LLC.

This year, four lawsuits have also been filed against the firm, naming Brouwer’s ex-wife as well as four small claims. Two of the lawsuits have been settled, totaling nearly $30,000 in judgments.

Joe DeKlotz, Newcomer’s primary election opponent, has his website up. I don’t think it’s an accident the prominence of “values” on his website. These are just the first four:

1. Live up to your commitments and keep your word.
2. Be open, honest, and available to everyone you support.
3. Be consistent and transparent when making decision.
4. Hold people (and Government Officials) accountable for their actions; actions do have consequences.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else jumps into the race. When Newcomer was first elected in the district, five Republicans competed in the primary.

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