Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Really enjoying the local road construction


Well, we discovered why they’re reluctant to remove the “road closed ahead” signs on Perkins even though it’s open. The construction crew has it partially blocked and they have flag men out there deciding when you can cross Arcadian. Remember, this is the city’s recommended route.

I figured out that something was wrong when another car came speeding down Anoka Avenue, nearly rear-ending me as I backed out of my driveway. The car was looking for another way out of our area and finally had to escape over on Oakland after backtracking to Beechwood. (That was also my escape route.)

The best part of all this construction is that the city’s recommended detour (north of Arcadian) is through still more construction on Main Street. Who’s coordinating this disaster area?

I hear a fire engine. I hope it can get through.

“Road Closed Ahead” sign on Perkins and Beechwood

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