Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Really, it wasn’t surprising


Last night a recall supporter slapped Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett because she was mad he had conceded the election too soon. Of course, nobody wants to see a public official attacked. Whatever your feelings for Barrett after the recall campaign, surely none of us wish him to attacked or harmed in any way.

The slapping incident was after Barrett’s concession speech which was rudely interrupted by recall supporters in the audience who did not want Barrett to concede so “early” even though it was clear by then that he had lost.

On the other hand, the incident was really not surprising when outrageous and obnoxious behavior has been encouraged by Democratic politicians ever since Governor Scott Walker was elected in 2010.

Maybe this will finally be the incident that causes the adults in the Democratic Party to seriously reconsider how much bad behavior by their own supporters they’ve tolerated or excused. Maybe now they’ll understand Republican concerns about safety in Madison.

Just last night the governor and his family were the targets of more death threats online. Republican legislators have been the repeated targets of harassment and death threats. In one case, a Republican legislator was even threatened by one of her Democratic colleagues on the floor of the Assembly.

Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer told me recently how some members of the Assembly had to move their seats because they were worried about their safety. State Senator Glenn Grothman was pursued by an angry mob around the Capitol and had to be saved by a Democratic legislator. State Representative Robin Vos was even stalked to a local bar where a protestor threw beer at him.

Republican legislators’ safety concerns were ignored, even mocked. Now that the protestors are angry and frustrated with their own party because they didn’t win last night, let’s see how Democrats respond if it gets ugly towards them, too.

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