Reconsidering the Schimel coronation

by James Wigderson | October 13, 2013 11:32 pm

Shortly after state Attorney General JB Van Hollen announced he was not running for re-election, Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel all-but-declared his candidacy, complete with early endorsements. However, at the RightWisconsin website I explain why I’m not a fan of the plan to coronate Schimel as the Republican Party nominee[1]. Here’s a bit from the online column:

If it was just the Bruce case, perhaps what I said and what I wrote was over the top. Maybe.

But to say there was just one case is to ignore the bizarre decision by Schimel not to prosecute for the alleged fake signatures on the petitions to recall former Alderman Peggy Bull despite some pretty strong visual evidence. Then there was the decision not to charge Alderman Roger Patton for deleting nearly all his email regarding the Business Improvement District and official city business. No asking Patton to resign, not even a fine, after he was caught destroying public records.

Even as I write this, Schimel is sitting on two vote fraud cases from the February primary election for District 11 Alderman in the city of Waukesha. The case involves two downtown businessmen who allegedly voted using their business addresses rather than their home addresses. I won’t name the two yet because they haven’t been charged, but the case is well known and should be relatively easy to prosecute. However, it is eight months later and still no charges have been filed.

I also explain how Schimel’s inaction on matters of good governance put his decision on the Scott Jensen case in a bad light, and how that will be exploited by the Democrats should Schimel get the nomination.

I’m not saying Schimel isn’t a conservative, but he is the wrong candidate for this important position. For those members of the Republican base who were frustrated with Van Hollen, they’re really not going to like Schimel. The Republican Party should do better.

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