Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Recycling politicians


Steve Edlund had an interesting experience while out collecting signatures to reduce the size of the Waukesha County Board:

Performing a flagrant act of democracy, I parked my mini-van at the city recycling center and placed two large neon green signs on the rear window. “Reduce the Board!” and, “35 to 11 referendum, sign here” the signs read.

I stood by my old van with a clip board and petition forms in hand and waited for people to approach me, not the other way around, and many people did that and thanked me for giving of my time to be there.

After 3 hours in the cold, a Waukesha Squad car pulled up behind me and the police officer notified me that they received a “3rd party complaint from the mayors office about my being there”.

I kindly notifed the officer that I had gotten approval from Paul Feller, public works director, and he checked with the City Attorney for Waukesha to make sure no ordinance was being violated.

The officer notified his superior and that was that, he went on his way.

When I got home I called the office of Mayor Carol Lombardi because I found it odd that somebody was able to contact the police as it was Saturday and the mayor’s office was closed. I left my number and marked it as urgent with my return number, but nobody called.

I wonder what the police logs will say for around noon on April 8th 2006?

Glad to know Her Honor has such high regard for the citizens. Lucky for Steve the cops in Waukesha are smarter and more pleasant than your average bears (pun intended).

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