Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Reilly announces campaign theme and endorsement from Thieme


Mayoral challenger Shawn Reilly, surrounded by supporters, held a press conference at city hall on Tuesday to announce the endorsement by Common Council President Terry Thieme, who finished third in the mayoral primary election.  Reilly also announced a theme for his campaign going into the closing weeks, “No Drama. Just Work.”

Reilly and Thieme posed for photographers with supporters before the announcement.


Shawn Reilly at the podium, with Common Council President Terry Thieme to his left. Also present were Aldermen Aaron Perry, Eric Payne and Steve Johnson, and County Supervisor Duane Paulson.

The “No Drama. Just work.” platform: (from the press release)

•       We deserve a mayor to act on the opportunity to save the city $1.1 million in healthcare costs, rather than de-railing and delaying the savings.
•       We expect our mayor to consistently and steadfastly commit to bringing safe drinking water to Waukesha.
•       We deserve a mayor who is responsible with taxpayer money, rather than spending it on trips to Harvard for a class.
•       We expect our mayor to do what he says on taxes, rather than increasing your taxes $110 on a $200,000 home last year.
•       We deserve a mayor who does what he says on controlling spending, rather than allowing 2013 budgets to increase by 2.74 percent.
•       We deserve straight talk rather than fuzzy math and proposed fee increases for trash pick-up.
•       We expect our mayor to lead with respect, rather than calling the Governor of Wisconsin an extremist.
•       We deserve a mayor who will respect the Office of the President of the United States, rather than refusing to meet with the President.
•       We expect a mayor to earn his salary by participating, collaborating and communicating.
•       We deserve a mayor who ends the years of chaos, confusion and indecision at City Hall.
•       We expect a mayor to take action.
•       We deserve a mayor who will resurrect our reputation as a regional leader.
•       We expect a mayor to work with people.
•       We deserve a mayor who listens to ideas and who gets results.
•       We expect a mayor to get the city working again.

Judging from this event, the Reilly campaign is stepping up its game for the final weeks. It followed Reilly’s best performance so far at a debate where he repeatedly hammered Mayor Jeff Scrima. The health care clinic issue seems to have energized the campaign.

It doesn’t help Scrima that the clinic issue looks like so many other Scrima dramatic screw-ups, only worse as I explain in Thursday’s Waukesha Freeman (just $.75 at your favorite convenience store stop). The release of a memo by City Administrator Ed Henschel undercutting Scrima’s position on the issue will only make matters worse.

It was also interesting that some aldermen were willing to come down from the fence and join in the endorsement, something I don’t recall any of them doing four years ago.

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