Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Reilly calls out Scrima drama on proposed health care clinic


City of Waukesha mayoral candidate Shawn Reilly issued a press release this afternoon pointing out the last-minute flip-flop by Mayor Jeff Scrima on the proposed health care clinic. The proposed health care clinic, a joint venture of Waukesha County, the city of Waukesha, and the Waukesha School District, is projected to save the city’s taxpayers $1.1 million. Scrima has suddenly come out against the plan just weeks before the mayoral election.

From Reilly’s press release:

“If Jeff Wins re-election and is allowed to continue his antics, city employees will lose access to the less-expensive shared health clinic as an option,” Reilly says. We need to emphasize it is an option, not mandatory as has portrayed it. And, we all know when consumers have fewer options we are at the mercy of those who would corner the market.”

“Think about it. Cost for a shared health clinic visit: $50. Cost under the present health plan: $140. No one wants to pay almost three times the cost for the same service. Now all we need is Jeff Scrìma to allow the city employees access to the shared clinic option and stop misleading them. If the employees would rather go elsewhere, they will have that option.” Reilly says.

The press release adds,

Jeff Scrima, apparently acting alone, invited one of the losing, higher-cost bidders to the Common Council meeting on March 4th. The losing bidder then used its time before the Common Council to criticize the process that Jeff Scrima himself approved in July of 2013. The city is now unlikely to be able to act in a timely fashion on the shared clinic proposal, putting the city at risk of losing $1.1 million in guaranteed city savings.

After the March 4, 2014 Common Council meeting, Jeff Scrima sent an email to all city employees. This email falsely claimed that the shared health care clinic proposal was bad for city employees and he inaccurately portrayed the shared health clinic as mandatory.

“Jeff’s hijacking of city Workers’ health care is reminiscent of a day-time TV drama. But citizens of Waukesha are not actors and their lives and livelihoods are impacted by Jeff’s lack of leadership and poor judgment here,” Reilly says. r’The city is guaranteed to save $1.1 million dollars if it participates in the shared health clinic. This is just another example of how city taxpayers and city employees have suffered over the last four years.”

“As a candidate for mayor, I have spoken to city employees,” Reilly says. “They are confused and concerned because of Jeff’s political antics. Jeff Scrima received the materials and heard the presentations the same as everyone else. All the statements by the county, the clinic provider and the city representatives agreed the use of the shared health care clinic by city employees would be voluntary. Jeff Scrima is the only one stating that the use of the shared health care clinic would be mandatory.”

“If Jeff was doing his job for the last four years, he would not have to resort to political shenanigans to grab headlines. These are real dollars, real people and real savings, Jeff is holding hostage,” Reilly says.

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