Monday, November 20th, 2017

Reince Priebus mentioned as possible candidate for RNC chairman


Hotline is reporting that if the RNC throne ever becomes vacant, Wisconsin’s Reince Priebus would be a serious contender.

Reince Priebus: The current RNC general counsel and WI GOP chair, Priebus is perhaps Steele’s closest ally on the committee. Priebus has his own fans on the committee, and if Steele decides against running, Priebus would be the heir apparent to Steele’s most ardent backers. What’s more, he’s maintained good relations across the committee despite his close association with Steele. While some members have complained that Steele has been distant at times, Priebus has been the bridge between RNC members and their chairman.

Though it’s not clear if Priebus wants the job, or if he can improve upon his early advantages. Priebus will not run if Steele does; in fact, he won’t make any moves without Steele’s blessing. But he’s young, savvy and smart, and RNC members don’t blame him by association. If Priebus decides to make a bid, he’ll be a player.

I contacted Priebus today to get his response,

At this point, the best thing I can do is help win a few elections right here in Wisconsin. We have historic opportunities right now up and down the ticket, and we have a chance to re-write a new conservative direction for our state.

At the end of the day, Michael Steele and every state chairman in the country will be judged on November results and that really should be the focus.

I think Steele will be judged on more than just the results, actually. At this point he won’t get any credit if Republicans do well because they should do well this fall. And if Republicans fall short of expectations, Steele will get all the blame. After Steele’s recent remarks about Afghanistan, it’s amazing he isn’t gone already. As for what happens after Steele is gone, why Priebus would want the headache of putting up with writers asking him annoying questions all the time is beyond me.

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