Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Remember Detroit


Charles Krauthammer has a long memory when it comes to America’s enemies:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: It scared bejeebies out of me. I mean this is amazing that there hadn’t been reports about this until I saw your segment here. Look, I’m against drones over American air space on grounds of privacy. But set that aside, we now have a huge national security issue. Here we are spending billions on the TSA, suffering indignities, strip searching toddlers, nuns, and elderly people to protect our airplanes, and we are now speaking about opening up our skies to thousands of these autonomous vehicles which, as you showed, a bunch of graduate students and an assistant professor can take charge of and turn it into missiles like on 9/11. If this isn’t completely addressed we shouldn’t even begin to think of allowing any in the country. And that would mean fail-safe mechanisms and something built in these so if anything is detected as having been hijacked it self-destructs instantly. But anything short of that we should have these anywhere near our shores. I’d put it over Canada, perhaps, but not over us.


ROBERTS: Why would you do that?

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, the war of 1812 would be one reason.


ROBERTS: Are you fighting that?

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, some of us keep grudges for a long time.

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