Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Remember the last time Feingold endorsed a sitting mayor, it didn’t work out so well for the Democrats


Senator Russ Feingold is out there again trying to solicit support for a Democratic mayor. Last time it was Larry Nelson of Waukesha, whose last day on the job is this Tuesday. Now Feingold is supporting Tom Barrett for Governor, urging people to get a bumper sticker.

Grettings, {sic}

My good friend Tom Barrett is running for governor to stand up for Wisconsin’s middle class and working families in these tough economic times.

Tom and I first met when we both served in the Wisconsin State Legislature together and many times we’ve fought together for issues that matter to hard-working Wisconsin families. As governor, I know Tom will focus everyday on creating good-paying, family-supporting jobs across the state, and making sure Madison works for us.

Please visit http://www.barrettforwisconsin.com/freebumpersticker today to sign up for Tom’s campaign and receive a free bumper sticker to show your support.

We know that Tom’s opponents will unleash every attack at their disposal to block progress and push ideas that are completely out of touch with mainstream Wisconsin.

That’s why we must work hard this year to defend our shared values and help elect Tom Barrett as our next governor.

Stand with Tom so he can stand with us. Please visit http://www.barrettforwisconsin.com/freebumpersticker to join Tom’s campaign and receive your free bumper sticker today.


Russ Feingold
United States Senator

What is it with the Barrett campaign and pushing the bumper stickers? It’s not even a cool bumper sticker. I’m picturing the Barrett campaign brain trust sitting around the table:

Okay, the boss’ poll numbers are not improving. The whole miracle freeway re-opening was a disaster. Any suggestions?

We could come up with some new ideas for improving the state’s economy?

That’s not going to happen.

What about a new education plan?

{everyone laughs.}

Okay, knock off the jokes. What we need is something that will really excite the public.

I’ve got it! Free campaign bumper stickers!

Yeah! And then we can add refrigerator magnets and pot holders later!


All right, meeting adjourned. Fleming? I want to see the new bumper sticker design by four o’clock this afternoon!

How about, “Barrett, because Obama asked him?”

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