Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Remind me again about the peaceful left


By the way, if Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett wants to stop the “civil war,” how about he starts with his own city?

Left wing protestors clashed with the Milwaukee Police Department after they ignored police orders not to block the entire street during their protest march. The MacIver Institute has the video:

[Milwaukee, Wisc…] Violence erupts in downtown milwaukee as AFSCME sponsored occupy protest turns chaotic.

After a series of speeches at Pere Marquette Park, the protesters began their march. They ignored police directives to not block the entire street, and some threw objects at officers as well as constantly directing insults and profanity at them.

At least 3 people were arrested.

AFSCME Local 82 was one of the sponsors of the event, as indicated inthis promotional flyer

Here’s the flyer that promoted it:

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