Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Remind me again why we station cops inside the schools


It took two Shorewood cops, one of them the “school resource officer,” to subdue this dangerous chicken nugget eater, place him in handcuffs, and haul him away.

In March, Adam Hernandez was accused of stealing a chicken nugget lunch from the school cafeteria.
According to police records, a cafeteria worker saw Hernandez with a lunch. She told police Hernandez did not pay for it and refused to after being asked.

The teen’s sister and guardian told 12 News reporter Jason Newton there was a good reason for that. She said another student, who gets free lunch, gave the meal to her brother.

“[The other student] was fasting for the month and he was not eating meat. So he offered his chicken nuggets to Adam,” Ava Hernandez said.

The incident was reported to the school’s assistant principal and the resource officer. The report showed that a second Shorewood squad was requested by the resource officer.

“The fact that you needed two police officers to resolve a chicken nugget question is really a waste of community resources,” Ava Hernandez said.

The report continued with Adam Hernandez telling the officer he did not steal the food, and the other student saying he did not eat lunch that day. Police reported that Adam Hernandez refused to answer further questioning, and when asked to step out of the cafeteria told police, “I know my rights, you can’t touch me…I hate cops.”

The suspect’s sister said the events, as depicted in the report, are not accurate.

“We don’t believe that that helped his the situation, but Adam was already in handcuffs when that occurred,” Ava Hernandez said. “I am confident the school has policies in place to deal with these issues without involving the Police Department. I think involving the police really escalated it to the next level. It put Adam in a very stressful and traumatic situation that he didn’t need to be in. And as a young man, no one at any age should be put through that.”

The story concludes with the announcement of a rally at the school to protest the incident. Let’s go through this step by step, shall we?

1) The cafeteria worker was so upset about some chicken nuggets she decided to make a huge deal out of it rather than accept Adam’s story?

2) Out of all those administrators in the Shorewood school system, not one of them could sort this out without calling in Starsky and Hutch? What are they trained to do?

3) The on-site cop couldn’t sort this out without calling for back-up?

4) The Shorewood police dispatcher didn’t just hang up on the on-site cop?

5) They had to use handcuffs? Over chicken nuggets?

6) The kid’s sister/guardian doesn’t believe the kid lipped off at the cops?

7) “Stressful and traumatic?”

8) When the kid told the officer he hates cops, the cops didn’t taser the brat?

9) They’re holding a rally in support of the brat?

Do you think Shorewood High School will do an updated version of Les Misérables for the school play next year?

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