Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Remote parenting


Does anyone think that a child that can’t master a television remote control should be deciding what they should be watching? If you do, Andy Tarnoff at has a holiday gift suggestion:


Enter the iMote, the kid-friendly remote control. This programmable TV remote for preschoolers has just seven buttons: power, volume and five preset channels that you can configure. The package comes with more than 100 colorful stickers to label your kid’s favorite channels, and the device is totally safe for toddlers to chew on.

Best part, Junior can’t accidentally tune in something R-rated or delete the contents of your DVR while mashing buttons.

I’ll be the first to admit that my kids watch too much television (fortunately, it seems to be less all the time). But is this what we really want to do? Here kid, go watch some television? As our friend Mike Mathias points out, where’s the coupon for a bag of flaming hot Cheetos?

And I’m not just criticizing the encouragement to watch television. Even on the so-called “safe” channels there are some really inappropriate television programs for kids. If the kid can’t master the remote control, I don’t think the kid is of the age to judge correctly what is appropriate and inappropriate television. If you’re too busy to change the channel for the kid, how about handing the kid a football instead?

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