Monday, November 20th, 2017

Replacing Jensen


A third candidate to replace State Representative Scott Jensen has announced. Bob Collison of Brookfield is the President-Elect of the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin and also runs the Wisconsin Center for Economic Prosperity, a political action committee. He is active in the movement to pass the Taxpayer Protection Amendment. His day job is as President of Kendall-Collison, Inc., a manufacturers representative of industrial cutting tools.

I met him the other night at an event to lower the number of Waukesha County Supervisors. After talking with Bob I got the definite impression that he understood what it was going to take to win that primary.

Another potentially formidable candidate in the race is Congressman Sensenbrenner aide Rich Zipperer, a Pewaukee resident. Zipperer already has the backing of his boss, “There is no doubt Rich’s experience will make him an invaluable resource in Madison. He has learned how to get things done.”

Democrat Sterling Link of Waukesha is the other candidate to show an interest in this heavily Republican district.

By the way, this is another one of those races where you’ll have a number of local politicians say they were “asked to run” or “thinking about running” when in reality there ain’t no way they’re running.

Update! Oops! Missed one. Frank Goodwin, the vice president of the Pewaukee School Board, and a college athletics scout, announced he was going to run before the election was set for November. (ht: A Different Take)

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