Monday, November 20th, 2017

Return of the King


I wasn’t aware of the huge outpouring of demand for the return of Tommy G. Thompson to the reigns of power in this state. I thought we already had two fine candidates for governor.

So I have to ask, is it Tommy nostalgia or is it Tommy’s nostalgia? After all, who can forget the trail of tears from Thompson as he left Madison behind for Washington D.C.? And, is it that Thompson is afraid of seeing the Republicans lose to Doyle, or is it that he’s afraid someone other than him will take Doyle down?

Could the king return? Already, his footsoldiers are attempting to clear the way, and one of them may have revealed why Thompson is talking a return:

As unlikely as I hear it is, Tommy can take back the governor’s chair by simply having beers with a couple of reporters in Elroy, or at brother Ed’s in Tomah, and declaring his return.

That is, if Scott Jensen retracts the self-serving subpoena he slapped his old boss with, forcing Tommy to testify, hoping some TGT star-power sways the jury in Jensen’s favor.

Tommy is above the stank. Jensen should keep it that way.

What was that about Thompson being “above the stank?” I couldn’t hear over the road construction, casino gambling and dog tracks. I guess it’s good to be the king. It beats testifying about the past.

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