Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Ribscam whistle-blower?


Media Trackers is claiming that an anonymous source with first-hand knowledge of the ribs-for-votes scandal is now talking to the Milwaukee District Attorney.

The anonymous source that provided most of the in-depth details about Wisconsin Jobs Now! and how they ran their likely illegal barbecue-for-votes parties on Monday is agreeing to talk to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office. The source will remain anonymous and has retained legal counsel due to the toxic nature of the current political environment.

“Our source provided us with detailed, factual information for the story that we broke this week,” stated Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers. “Because the District Attorney’s office is insisting that the investigation into any possible violations of election law by Wisconsin Jobs Now! depends on this source, he has felt it appropriate to share his story, on the record, with prosecutors. We will continue to keep his identity protected because of the highly charged nature of the present political climate.”

The odds are pretty slim that charges will be filed against Pasch, Wisconsin Jobs Now, and/or Citizen Action, before the election, regardless of what Pasch-campaign contributor John Chisholm stumbles across blindly. However, this can’t be good for Pasch.

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