Friday, August 23rd, 2019

RIP Mayor Junior Cochran


It’s rare when you can say it, but Mayor Junior Cochran was truly man’s best friend. He passed away at age 12, two days shy of his 13th birthday.

The dog mayor of Rabbit Hash has passed away.

The Rabbit Hash General Store confirmed Thursday that Junior Cochran died two days before his 13th birthday, Cincinnati television station WLWT reported.

Junior Cochran was elected mayor with more than 3,000 votes in November 2004. A documentary aired on Animal Planet about the black Labrador in 2006.

I can’t help but think looking at his website that he was able to do everything as mayor for his city as Mayor Larry Nelson does for Waukesha except promise to write a blog. He probably even had the same opinion of the local newspaper’s editorial page. Wonder if he had an evil genius as his city administrator?

Seriously though, the Wigderson family offers its condolences to the town for the loss of its remarkable mascot.

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