Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Romney subs coming to corner near you


Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan made an appearance yesterday at the Cousins Subs right across the street from the Republican Party office on Hwy 164 (The Les Paul Parkway) in Waukesha. Had I known they were giving away subs, I probably would have stopped in myself.

However, the Democratic Party, with not even a hint of self-awareness, complained, calling the food giveaway an illegal bribe for votes. The Waukesha District Attorney is now investigating to see if the food giveaway was illegal.

Are the Democrats serious? They gave away food at an event where absentee ballots were present, they gave away cigarettes to homeless people to bribe them to vote, and last year a third-party group gave away rib dinners (from Speed Queen) to people before loading them on a bus to take them to city hall to vote early.

Those problems weren’t a big deal, we were told. But handing out free sandwiches on the day of the election, with no rides to the polls or absentee ballots present, that’s suddenly an issue.

Next the Democrats will call for banning free hors d’oeuvres and beer at victory parties, but only if it’s a Republican victory party.

Given the Milwaukee get-out-the-vote precedent where no charges were filed, I really doubt anyone will be charged with anything for handing out sub sandwiches at a photo op.

That said, somebody on the Romney staff should have known better than to give away free food given the recent controversies, even if  there is a substantial difference.

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