Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Ron Paul’s racist past


The New Republic article is out and its pretty damning of presidential candidate Ron Paul. The Ron Paul record is one of numerous articles published under his name, whether he authored them or not, that cannot be described as anything but racist.

I wanted to re-read The New Republic article before I commented, but the one thing that struck me is how much of the garbage passed out under his name occurred after 1988 when he was the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. That so much of it occurred before 1988 reflects poorly on Libertarians. But after Ron Paul had assumed a national stage and a national party role this type of racist trash continued to be published under his name.

Following revelations of Paul’s acceptance of tainted money and his strange belief that the Civil War should never have been fought, and now these revelations, I think it’s time Ron Paul supporters ask whether they want to stand behind a candidate more sympathetic to men wearing white sheets and burning crosses than the freedom fighting history of the party – and the country – he hopes to lead.

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