Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Ron’s road to victory


Hotline has an article up at their website explaining the Ron Johnson “path to victory” in the race against Senator Russ Feingold.

The Johnson campaign views this race as a simple choice between two candidates with significantly different backgrounds. It’ll seek to tout Johnson as a 30-year job creator, pointing to his Pacur plastics business in Oshkosh.

The campaign plans to contrast that against Feingold, who it will attempt to paint as a career politician who has no experience creating jobs in the private sector. (This strategy is clear in Johnson’s latest ad.)

In the year of the outsider candidate, Republicans are confident this message resonates. They point to statistics that Feingold has voted with the Dem leadership between 75% and 90% of time (a claim the Feingold camp disputes). As one Republican said, “We’re going to rip off the mask of independence” that has been a large part of Feingold’s political persona.

In particular, the Johnson camp has found one attack to be particularly effective in their polling: Feingold’s vote for the economic stimulus package. Voters already believe the stimulus hasn’t worked, Republicans say, so Feingold’s falling in line behind the Dem leadership is particularly damaging.

The article helpfully reminds the readers that not only is Johnson self-financing, he actually out-raised the incumbent Feingold.

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