Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Rough year for the arts


Tom Strini of Third Coast Digest predicts Milwaukee arts groups will have a tougher year ahead despite higher attendance.

2. The Milwaukee Symphony will continue to play brilliantly but struggle financially in 2013. We will always have an MSO, but it costs a lot of money in its present form. We might have an idea, by the end of 2013, of whether or not that present form can be sustained.

3. Most of Milwaukee’s arts groups will have very good years at the box office but will have a hard time on the grants and donations side.

One of the side effects of a slow economy is that there is less private money funding those grants and donations. Unfortunately, the current economic program at the federal level, including higher taxes on “the rich” and the costs of Obamamcare, will only hurt long-term economic growth. Arts groups may become the canaries in the economic coal mine to watch.

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