Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Round 2 of the downtown star chamber


After over a month, the downtown task force formed by Mayor Jeff Scrima and approved by the Common Council is going to have it’s second meeting. Included in the agenda items is yet another attempt by the mayor to strike at Vicky Hekkers and her husband Tom.

Of course, trying to change the zoning rules to strike at an individual homeowner is serious lawsuit territory. But I’m sure that the rest of the committee will reject an attempt to go beyond the committee’s approved scope, just like they did last time.

The task force is already meeting past the time when it was supposed to have it’s work completed, and it’s not meeting in a different location so all the members could sit with each other as equals as the members requested at the last meeting. Meanwhile Scrima keeps trying to use the committee for purposes other than it’s original intent.

I bet everyone on the committee is glad they signed up for this.

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