Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Rum, sodomy and the lash


Owen Robinson offers his support for gays in the military.

…I think it’s a bit ludicrous to exclude people from military service based on their sexual preference. The military is a very merit-oriented profession where their job is to blow up stuff and kill people. If they do that well, why do we care how they want to tickle their unmentionables?

I always thought it absurd that the military was running Arabic language experts out for the crime of being attracted to the same sex. I understand the military cohesion argument. However, I think if you polled the members of our armed forces whether they would rather serve with someone physically fit and capable of shooting straight even if their personal life isn’t, or serving with someone like myself whose nervous tremors prevent him from going to the salad bar, I think they would have the preference for the soldier with the outlawed preference.

My concern with the military is the question of whether or not we are going to let political correctness interfere with military preparedness. When physical conditioning standards are lowered to accommodate women, when generals express regret over the damage to “diversity” in the aftermath oh Major Hasan’s terrorist rampage at Ft. Hood, those are more pressing concerns than whether a man in uniform looks good to a man in uniform.

It’s time to drop “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” It should have been dropped before. We’re a country at war. Picking and choosing soldiers for reasons other than whether they can do the job they’re volunteering to do is a luxury we cannot afford.

Let me make two predictions:
1) If the change is made, I bet there will be no significant increase in the number of homosexuals serving in the military.
2) Because Owen and I agree on this with the liberals, this change in policy won’t happen.

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