Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Run Blogger Run!


Fred Dooley of Real Debate Wisconsin has decided to run for alderman in Racine.

I have the exclusive transcript of Dooley informing other civic leaders in Racine of his decision:

(Dooley) Alas, why would you heap this care on me?
I am unfit for state and majesty:
I do beseech you take it not amiss,
I cannot nor I will not yield to you.

(Other Voice 1) Come, citizens. Zounds, I’ll entreat no more!

(Other Voice 2) Call him again, sweet prince, accept their suit:
If you deny them, all the land will rue it.

(Dooley) Will you enforce me to a world of cares?
Call them again. I am not made of stones,
But penetrable to your kind entreaties,
Albeit against my conscience and my soul.

Cousin of Buckingham, and sage grave men,
Since you will buckle fortune on my back,
To bear her burden, whe’er I will or no,
I must have patience to endure the load;
But if black scandal or foul-faced reproach
Attend the sequel of your imposition,
Your mere enforcement shall acqittance me
From all the impure blots and stains thereof;
For God doth know, and you may partly see,
How far I am from the desire of this.

Good luck to Fred and the people of Racine.

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